Friday, April 18, 2014

If I Was The King Of The World (Official Poem Performance) | Ryan Ngala

Ryan Ngala reciting a poem for "If I Was The King Of The World" at the F.A.M.E Church Bethel hosting it's 2011 Fashion & Talent Show.

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If I Was The King Of The World Poem

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written 
Mr. Ryan Ngala & Ms. Wendy Ngala
Ryan Ngala's Poems™ | Ryan Ngala's Poems™ Entertainment

If I Was The King Of The World,
I would save it,
Let every voice be heard,
Without having to say a word.

Lift a finger and there was peace, 
International from here,
To the middle east,
And whenever they say speak.

I don't say a peep,

Just listen to their concerns,
And wait for my turn,
To say it's okay,
And that God will make a way.

No matter what it takes,
I will make the world a better place,
That brings happiness and love,
Just like the one above.

I know you worry,
If someone like me,
Has the potential,
But don't judge a book by it's cover.

Cause under this blubber,
Is another,
Who is stronger and rings,
That he is a king.

So that we can all make a difference,
So that we can be air live on,
So many television stations,
Just to be inspired by young kids.

From Africa to America,
To New York or to Tokyo,
Wherever that I want to go,
Just to let you know,
If I was the king of the world.

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